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Boat Slip & Dock For Rent or Sale Questions

A boat slip closely resembles a single parking space for your boat. Unlike open docks which require pulling up in a parallel manner, boat slips are enclosed on three sides, making them easy to pull into, easier to secure your boat, and only have one way in or out.

Anyone looking to boat in Florida, whether for a weekend or for the boat owner who is paying rent on a boat slip on a marina dock, needs to know how much boat slips cost.

The price of boat slips depends on what type of boat slip you need, and where in the state it’s located. The majority of boat docks located in the state are located at marinas, but boat slips are also available on boat ramps and boat launches. Additionally, boat slips are sometimes available for rent on docks located on home owners’ properties.

There is no fixed price that boat slip renters can expect to pay, as the rates will vary depending on the different variables that go into deciding boat slip prices.

The boat slip price is based on boat dock size, boat dock location and boat ramp type that the boat slips are located at. The boat slip cost will also depend on the current market for boat slips. While marinas may provide boat dock for rent at a relatively fixed rate, boat owners looking to rent out boat docks on boat ramps and boat launches will be able to charge more.

Additionally, boat owners looking to rent out boat slips on their boat docks may be charged a higher rental rate than what they’re currently charging for boat slips because these boat slip renters have the option of placing signs advertising the boat dock’s availability as a boat slip. The cost of boat slips located on boat docks on boat owner’s properties may also be higher because boat owners typically will not need to pay any additional boat slip expenses, such as boat slip rental fees or boat dock cleaning and maintenance costs.

The cost of boat slips at marinas across the state can range from $14 per foot to $24 per foot depending on the boat slip’s length and boat dock location. The boat slips that are closest to the water are typically more expensive than boat slips that are located further from the water. Boat slips located on boat docks with a higher boat ramp traffic volume will also command a higher price than boat slips located on boat docks with lower boat ramp traffic volume.

Most marinas do allow living aboard your boat. When living on a boat at a marina you will live somewhere that has many features of living on land, but living in a marina has some other things as well.

The Pros of living at a marina: living on a boat is usually more affordable than living in many types of living quarters that are available to live in; living somewhere with less living space will also be cheaper. The price for the size of living spaces can vary greatly depending on many factors such as ocean proximity and access to amenities etc. Living in a larger populated area will typically be more expensive than living outside of one.

Most love living aboard because it allows you to live on the water. Many people enjoy living beside or living on the water, but living on property by the water can be expensive depending on location and what kind of access to the water it comes with.

Living in a marina more often than not offers some basic living necessities such as showers, bathrooms, laundry facilities, electricity, and sometimes wifi service depending on your living arrangements.

The Cons of living at a marina: you will be living in a smaller space depending on the size of your boat and your slip. Docks can be located in very tight quarters and you may often see or hear people coming at going at odd times. You will more than likely have less privacy than living on land.

Reasons why buying boat slips might be worth it:

You only need one boat slip that will last for years.  If the boat slip is built well, then your boat dock can last for decades. The boat slip will not fall apart with time because of good construction techniques.

You get boat slip that is paid for. If you rent boat slips, then your boat slip will not be paid for. This is a big financial burden each year and the boat slip rental fee can add up over time. The initial purchase of your boat dock may create an immediate burden, but it will pay off in the long run.

You can choose what boat slips are available for purchase.  When you buy boat slips, you can purchase boat slips that suit your family and lifestyle best. If a boat slip rental is offered, then you get what is available or most desirable at the time of your rental. This may limit your options or it may increase the boat slip fee at the time of your boat slip rental.

You can attach boat slips together when you buy boat slips. If boat slip rentals are offered, then they may not be able to connect boat slips as desired by the buyer.

You have a permanent place for your boat if you own boat slip that is built well. This boat slip will be there for as long as you use the boat slip area to store your boat and boat dock.

You have more boat slip options when you buy boat slips. If boat slip rentals are offered, then you get what is available or desirable at the time of rental. A purchase will ensure your boat docks in boat slips that suit your boat and lifestyle.

You own boat slip and boat dock as a package when you buy boat slips. This means all the parts of boat dock are yours, which will make repairs or replacement easier down the road.